Monday, January 16, 2012


What happens when 2 Utah girls who haven't had food for a week go crazy at Costco...only to realize they don't have a car to put all of their food in when they leave the store??

They have to steal the cart...walk 1 mile home in back alleys...and push the cart through the freezing cold.

We even walked past three cops who just looked at us like we were idiots. In Provo I am pretty sure we would have been arrested. 

Man, we are really smart!

When we FINALLY got back to our apartment, we didn't have a way of getting our massive cart up the stairs to the elevator, so we had to use our original small cart we have at our apartment and take small trips up the 11 floors...and that was the EASIEST part of the journey!!

I hope this post made you smile. Happy MLK day!!

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