Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Funny Observations

Sad Warning: This post contains ZERO pictures. My bad. 

Apple: I turned my phone into a WiFi hotspot and now have internet in my apartment (very good news for Life in the Sexy Lane).

Lemon: You know when you travel and feel like you are forgetting something VERY important? Well, I forgot a very crucial thing in Utah: My Voice. I am really hoping I feel better real soon cause being sick across the country from your family SUCKS. 

Okay, so I have made some very funny observations about this city that I wanted to share:

1. If there was an actual Zombie Apocalypse, it would begin in D.C. I was literally FREAKED out walking to work the other morning. EVERYBODY wears black, and DOES NOT smile. It serious freaks me out! People just speed on past you without making eye contact or smiling. I really feel like I am in a scary dream with Zombies or something!! I really want to walk around and smile at people just to see how they react, but I am kinda scared! These folks are intense. 

2. Escalator Etiquette: If you want to ride up, ride on the right...DO NOT stand on the left side. That is the "passing lane" for people who want to walk up. People take this rule VERY seriously and yell at people who don't follow this rule. You only make the mistake of standing still on the left side once in this town. 

3. If I wanted to be completely entertained for a day, I would go to the GWU Hospital. That place is straight out of a movie. I had to go visit a coworker the other day and I literally felt like I was in Grey's Anatomy. Codes are being called, people are being rushed in whilst doctors are pumping their chests, and it's a haven for local crack whores. It seriously is SO busy, unlike the low key Utah hospitals that may have one or two real emergencies per day. Also, like on Greys, there are surgical residents who have interns following them around and the residents treat them like crap and tell them when they are asking dumb questions. I was truly entertained. I hope to never have to be admitted into the hospital, but I really want to go back just to be entertained!

4. Metro during rush hour = most stressful time of my life. There is no such thing as personal space. People just cram themselves into these trains. I have never been more up in someone's business as I have been the last few days. Not to mention the thought that crosses your mind every time a train comes close "Is someone going to jump in front of it?"...seriously my life is like a movie. 

5. In D.C. you don't get complimentary grocery bags. You are charged 5 cents per bag. I guess they are trying to discourage the use of plastic bags and people are supposed to bring their reusable bags. Such a foreign concept to me slash kinda ticks me off that if I buy a bunch of stuff at a store, I am then required to pay for the dumb plastic bags to put them in!!

So there's a few funny things I have noticed in just the past few days. This really is such a different culture to get used to, but at the same time SOO entertaining. I keep finding myself thinking "Is this real life?". 

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