Sunday, January 8, 2012


I don't wanna brag or anything...

But I live in the coolest place EVER!!

Yesterday, my roommate and I decided to get on the metro and explore this place a little. There is sooo much to see and I am so glad I will have four months to get it all in. I really think a week vacation here would be EXHAUSTING trying to see it all. Yesterday, we went out to the national mall and saw the Washington Monument from far away since it is closed, and the Jefferson Memorial. I love the feel of this city and all of the history. There is no way you couldn't become more interested in history after living here. Here are some pictures that FINALLY uploaded after trying a million times. Blogger and I aren't friends right now, so they are out of order (irritating to a Type A personality like myself). 

Sadie and I. We just met 2 days ago and we are instant pals!

Washington Monument

We just walked past the Treasury and I got excited!

Jefferson Memorial

View from Jefferson of the Washington Monument

TJ- Such a legit guy!

I absolutely LOVE it here! WARNING: The next four months you may or may not be jealous of my life when you read my blog. 

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  1. I am already jealous, but also super excited for you! Keep the pictures coming :)