Saturday, July 19, 2014

Refuse To Sink

For me, this week sobriety got REAL. I got accepted into the Substance Abuse Counseling program and hit six months. I also ended up going to quite a few recovery meetings. It made me realize that there's absolutely no turning back now. I will be in recovery the rest of my life. The last few weeks I have carefully thought about getting a small anchor tattoo to represent my sobriety. The anchor, for me, means a few things. First and foremost that I am anchoring myself into living in long term recovery. Other meanings: I am the Captain of My Soul and The Master of My Fate (favorite quote). Also, for me, this means that I refuse to sink. I am anchored into my recovery program and feel confident that I will never go back to that awful place I was in a year ago. I am really happy about what I got. It's super small, but every time I look at it, that's what I am reminded of. Now, I have two tattoos that represent who I am, what I believe, and what I am passionate about. 

Other happenings: 

One day, I was driving home for lunch on the freeway and this tire tube came flying into my car and crashed into my windshield. It was crazy..all this glass came flying at me! I am really lucky though, because I have heard horror stories about things actually flying through the windshield and killing people. I really should write a list of all of my near death experiences. Let's just say, I am definitely meant to be on this planet. 

My oldest niece Kali turned 9!! I can't believe it has been 9 years already. I feel so old! This kid is amazing, smart, and going to do some amazing things in her life. I learn so much from her and I am so grateful to have a piece of Byron still in my life. 

My nieces came into town from California. I only see them once a year, but I still remain the favorite aunt when I see them. This kid was supposed to be in bed, but kept coming out of bed to chill with me. She is so funny and I love seeing them when they come to town!

Friday night, my good friend came into town. We are having a weekend full of adventures! We hit up the State Capitol steps and overlooked the city at night. It was awesome and we had a great conversation about life. 

Jesse is the son of one of my old professors at USU. I cannot believe we have known each other for three years now!!

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