Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

4th of July will always and forever be my favorite holiday! I slept in until 1 (I've been really sick lately). Then, went down to hang out with my sister in law and her kids at the pool. It was just a fun and chill day. It was perfect to get out in the sun and just relax. Since I've been really sick, I feel like I am in bed more than I'm not, so it was good to just get out and be around loved ones. 

Here's some pics: 

My niece Charlee is hilarious. She's two and FULL of personality and funny faces. She hates pictures, so it's hard to get a smile out of her!

Riding bikes is always their favorite activity. They like to show me how good they have gotten since the last time I saw them. 

Jack is ALL boy!

I keep my longboard in my trunk so that I can always play with the kids when they are riding their bikes. 

Such a perfect day! I wish we had the 4th of July at least once a month in the summer time!

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