Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mi Familia- Young Family Pictures

Over the weekend, while everyone was in town, we decided to do some family pics! These were literally thrown together- no outfit coordination, our neighbor snapped the pics, and we decided like 2 hours before. 

But, they actually turned out pretty good!

The entire fam! Of course the two youngest, Charly and Savannah were not going to look at the camera and smile- it would be too convenient! Still cute anyways!

Jack and Allie

The original 5 Young kids

We attempted to get a picture of the kids and grandparents, but it didn't work out so well...

The oldest four: Kali, Jack, Allie, and Rylie

This one is my favorite with all the kids and parents

My second family: Rylie and Kali

Charly was trying so hard to hide her face, but we got at least one snap of the little grump!

It was so fun to have everyone out here for a few days!

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