Sunday, September 29, 2013


Holy smokes. If I EVER say I am going to take on a project such as painting an entire house, just straight up slap me across the face ok? This week has been insane with working a million hours, and then going over to my house and working until about 10-11 every night. Let's just say I am a little bit exhausted today. Along with work and the house, I passed my Utah licensing test and I can now originate mortgages in Utah. I also got an injection in my neck that seems to be helping so far. Hopefully we have found a pain management treatment that will work. The house is getting closer. This week the carpet and flooring will go in, and MAYBE I will be able to at least move in while other things get done!

The fact that I passed this was a miracle. Let's just say those ten seconds between clicking "finish" and seeing my score pop up were the scariest ten seconds.

Prepping the master bedroom for paint

This kid was STOKED when I let her "help"

Two of the bedrooms have this old school brick wall in them. It looked WAY better after we threw paint on it. 

I seriously haven't been able to get warm for like 4 days! I have been wearing double jackets, drinking hot chocolate, and wearing moccasins and STILL can't get warm!

In case you were wondering- if you close enough volume in one week, your boss doesn't care if you show up to work looking homeless. 

I'm loving the new paint color! Can't wait to see it with the carpet!

And this would be the massive door painting party I threw on Friday. I know, my life is out of control exciting huh?

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