Sunday, September 15, 2013

My House, My Back, My Life Lately

Prepare to be overloaded via iphone picture dump:

First item of business, the new house "before" pics. We started the remodel this week. It's going to be quite the adventure!

I am very excited that I became best pals with my Realtor and she recruited me to run Ragnar in Vegas with her in November!

My favorite new backyard neighbors!

Every day this week, my heart rate was under 50. I feel like I may or may not be dying. 

I am learning all sorts of construction skills!

The Big Cottonwood Marathon didn't happen. I have had really bad neck/nerve pain since January. I tried everything. I was on some pretty crazy amounts of pain killers and muscle relaxers. Then, I did the acupuncture route. Next was massage and chiropractic. Then, I finally went to a spine specialist who did a couple MRI's and XRays. I wasn't planning on running the marathon if the results came back with issues. Welp, herniated discs and spinal stenosis weren't the best news since I'm 24 and all. The Dr. was actually really confused, saying he only sees this in older patients and car crash victims. I guess I am the lucky 1 in a million. I am sticking with the 3-6 mile distance for awhile. My Sundays lately always include a beautiful canyon run. I love it. 

When I went to put my shoes in my car, I realized I have a little bit of a shoe obsession problem. All four pairs are Brooks. They are all I run in...the sad part...this is only half the Brooks collection...

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