Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm Grateful For....

the things i love today:

When Rylie comes up to me, puts her arms around me, and presses her forehead to my forehead. Biggest cheaser face in the world. I'm obsessed. 

Kali reads me stories when I get home early enough. Not only does she read them really well for an 8 year old, she acts them out. It's the best thing ever. 

Spin bikes. My new love. 

Fall Time. It always reminds me of playing soccer growing up. 

Peaches. They really need to be in season all year round. But then again, I wouldn't look forward to them as much. 

Listening to conference talks driving to work in the morning. 

Snow Patrol Pandora  station. It's a life changer.

There's so many little joys in life that make all the crap worth it.  

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