Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Ready To Be Bored

I feel like I am always juggling waaaay too many things at once. Usually, this is something I LOVE. I love being busy. I am not the type of person that can sit around and watch an entire season of a show or read an entire book in one day. I used to be, but over the past few years, I just have to be busy all the time. Well, I think I am ready to be bored again. Life is getting insane with the house remodel, work, Dr's, and tomorrow I am taking the Utah licensing test (nope, I haven't studied at all). The house is proving to be a bigger project than I thought (aren't all house projects that way?) We made some good progress yesterday and got the ceilings and baseboards painted in the upstairs. I ordered all of the carpet and laminate that should be coming in this next week. HOPEFULLY, ONE DAY, I will actually live in the house I bought :)

Say hello to my new favorite workout. If I keep telling myself cycling is more fun than running, it will be right??

Am I the only person that craves ridiculous amounts of produce??

This is how Rylie helps me do laundry. 

Say Hello to the best person that has ever happened to me: My General Contractor Luke.

We sprayed all the baseboards. SO fast!

I am hoping all this hard work will totally be worth it. I am learning A LOT!

LOVE vaulted ceilings. HATE painting them. 

We spent all morning and night on our day off working on the place. What's a relaxing weekend like again??

This would be me starting to study. WOOF. 

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