Sunday, September 30, 2012

One of the Good Ones

So many people have been wondering about this super handsome fella who has been in my pictures on facebook/blog/instagram lately.

That handsome fella is Jesse Johnson. I was lucky enough to take 3 classes from his mom at USU. After I was done taking her courses, she emailed me and said she wanted to set me up with her son. While I was hesitant...I was also somewhat intrigued and agreed. We dated a little bit, but things just kind of fizzled. 

About a month ago, I got this random idea to see what Jesse Johnson was up to lately. One thing lead to another and he ended up coming down for a weekend where we decided we should date and see what happens. 

He did everything right. He helped me regain confidence that I had lost. He helped me realize how beautiful I am on the inside and outside. He treated me like every girl should be treated. 

Unfortunately, due to the fact that my heart was sent through a garbage disposal about 2 months ago, I wasn't able to love him the way he was ready to love me. I wasn't ready for a relationship, but definitely open to having an AWESOME friend who made me feel a happiness I didn't know if I would ever feel again. He really is one of the good ones. Jesse, I hope you know that I think you are pretty great! 

Here's some pictures from when he came down to visit this weekend (sorry in advance, they are pretty crappy quality): 

On Friday night, we went to Temple Square. We had a very delicious dinner at Lion House, went to the Joseph Smith movie, and hung out outside the temple for a bit. 

On Saturday night, we went to the moonlight lift ride up at Sundance. It was SO FUN! I have been wanting to go for a long time!

Moral of the story: Every girl deserves a Jesse Johnson. Unfortunately for me, right now isn't the right time. 

By this time tomorrow, I will have decided which job to take! Yikes!

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