Monday, September 24, 2012

Unemployed Life

My entire life, I have always had a plan. I have always been totally busy and my days super booked. I always wondered what life would be like if I woke up everyday with no plan and nothing to do. This past week, I have gotten a taste of that lifestyle. It is actually kinda fun not to have a plan or be busy and just enjoy life and people who surround me. I am pretty sure if this goes on much longer though, I will go completely crazy. I honestly don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't busy, so this lifestyle is completely new to me! So, some might ask, what do unemployed people do?

I figured it out!

1. They socialize with each other. There was one day last week that I went out every meal with a different person! It was so fun to see people I have been too busy to see!

2. They apply for jobs. Most crappy part of unemployed life! It is kind of fun to see what companies are out there and all the directions my degree can take me though! I have a pretty big hunch I will be moving to SLC in the next few months. 

3. They sleep. This has been magical. 

4. They watch FIVE seasons of a teen drama called Friday Night Lights. I'm only slightly addicted. My goal is to finish the five seasons before I start my first day of my next job. I know, I know, I set incredibly hard goals for myself.

5. They take time off of running. For some reason not having a structured lifestyle has made me less likely to run or follow any type of training program. It's been really good for me to take a break though, I was headed towards being burned out. 

6. They play with their 2 year old nieces all day long (including nap time). 

7. They go on roadtrips to Logan with their old roommates to visit a super handsome fella. 

8. They turn crafty. I have NEVER been a crafty person, yet I found myself tying a fleece blanket last week!

9. They go shopping and tanning. One of the brighter parts of being unemployed, yet having a good savings. 

10. They decompress. It has been very mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy for me to take a couple weeks off and decompress. It has been so nice to go to sleep not stressed out. I honestly don't remember a time in my life when I have gone to bed completely worry-free. It's fabulous!

Like I said, give me one more week of this and I will be going totally crazy ready to get back into a routine and have a fulfilling life in the workforce.

Here's a picture of my blanket I made. Who knew I was so domestic??

Yes, my patriotic mother was extremely proud. 

This kid and I hang out and eat treats all day everyday. I am still trying to convert her from Dora to Friday Night Lights, but she's not feelin the teen drama!

Why doesn't every restaurant have these yet? I literally go to Wendy's JUST to buy drinks now. This is the greatest invention EVER MADE!

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