Monday, September 17, 2012

Gut Feelings

Wow! I have been pretty M.I.A. from the blog lately! Here's a few reasons why:

Last week,  I went through FIVE intense interviews for one job, and I got it. I was suuuuper stoked. It was a life insurance sales management position. It seemed like a great job opportunity for me. Basically, I would get my insurance sales schooling and licensing paid for in a week, and then I would get trained to sale life insurance as well as get training on how to run my own office with sales agents under me. I would receive commissions off of my personal sales, and the sales of those underneath me. It seemed like a pretty sweet deal, and a lot of money if I was good at my job. I would also get a $5,000 signing bonus paid out to me over the next six months every week. After about 3 months of training, I would be given an office to manage. The company would pay my rent, but the rest of the office management would be up to me. The regional manager who interviewed me is the 3rd best salesman in the entire nationwide company and he was going to personally train me. I was soooo stoked! I got hard to work studying for my insurance sales license. 

The past week I have studied pretty intensely all while having the stomach flu. Like lose five pounds bad bad stomach flu. I was supposed to ride a 100 mile bike race, and didn't do it, cause I was so sick the past few days. So I studied my little tail off for about 5 days straight, going completely antisocial and really focusing on my test that I had to take to get licensed.

So today, I had an agency meeting that I had to go up to Salt Lake for. I woke up, got all ready, and began to drive up. While the past few nights I haven't really slept, because I kept having this really bad stressed out feeling like the job wasn't for me...I just ignored it and kept telling myself that it was something I could do and I needed to expand outside of my comfort zone. So as I get in the car, I still have this weird, bad feeling. As I drive up to SLC, it gets worse. Like, I was literally going to have an anxiety attack if I decided to move forward with the job. I couldn't ignore the feeling any longer. I was almost to the office, when I turned around and drove home.

I really have never had a feeling like that before. I have always known the feeling of when something "feels right", and this was NOT that feeling. The exact opposite actually. So, I have no clue why the job wasn't for me, but I just couldn't ignore my gut feeling. Time to start looking for new jobs, and hopefully something will feel right!! 

Here's some pictures from my phone from the past week:

I got my hair done! My sis has never done a "color melt" and does a pretty dang good job on me!

So job interviews TOTALLY stress me out big time. Five interviews about pushed me over the top, so this was the cute text Jesse sent me before my last interview. He's a peach!

This poor kid got 2nd degree burns on both of her hands. I think she inherited my "accident-proness". Poor gal. 

Her hands are almost all the way healed now, no worries!

This was all I read for like five solid days. I kinda liked it actually. Nerd alert. 

When I turned around to go back to Orem after deciding not to work at the new job, I went and hung out with my favorite bike crew all day long. Kids are the BEST! 

Fall is here, and I am LOVING it!

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