Saturday, May 19, 2012

Perfect Weekend

I have had the most amazing weekend. All good things. Here's how it went down:

-New running shoes arrived and I am OBSESSED

-Pedicures with Cath

-Yogurtland with Cath

-MV Boys soccer game with Cath and Alex

-Outback with the family

-Bike ride with Alex

-Movie Night

****THE NEXT DAY****

-Run up Provo Canyon with Alex to Bridal Veil Falls with my new shoes

-Lunch with Katie, Rylie, and Kali in the backyard

-BYU Soccer game vs. Real Salt Lake

-Brick Oven for dinner

Doesn't all of those things sound AMAZING?? Great great greeeeat weekend. 

Alex says I am the only person in the world who buys a birthday present for myself. I say I buy myself the BEST PRESENTS! These bad boys will be powering my 5 half marathons this summer!!

Yogurtland I have missed you SOOO much!!

Pedicure with Cath. I remembered why I loved going to the place in the mall we go to. The lady told me I look thinner. She knows how to keep customers. 

Bike ride with the man. Isn't he so cute?

"I don't want a picture, I look so gross!" - Alex's words, not mine. I embraced my nastiness and took a great self portrait!

I have missed these mountains SOOO much!! Also, notice my great runners trick- put your key on your shoelace ;)

Soccer game with my girl!

A beautiful day for a soccer game. Zoobie watching is 100 times more fun than your average people watching. 

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