Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Big 2-3

My whole life I have waited to be 23. Many of you know, 23 has always been my lucky number. I just know 23 is going to be a GREAT year! I had an awesome birthday with my parents in D.C. It was definitely the ideal situation for a Sunday birthday. We had a full day of fun! Here's what we did: 

Had brunch at Bus Boys and Poets

Shopped in Georgetown

Got cupcakes at Sprinkles

Saw Iwo Jima up close

Walked to Teddy Roosevelt Island

Ate dinner at Cosi

Went to the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

It was an AWESOME day! Thanks everyone for all of the birthday wishes! It's great to feel all of the birthday love! Here are some pictures from the day (not in chronological order, sorry!):

Brunch at Bus Boys! Great food, but very hippie-like. It was super health conscious, environmentally conscious, and spreading somewhat of a liberal message. The food was great though!!

Behind me is the place where the poetry takes place during open mic night!

This wall had pictures of influential peace makers in society

My yummy brunch! Brunch on Sundays is a HUGE DEAL in D.C. Everyone goes out to brunch every Sunday!

Iwo Jima Monument. My favorite!

Walking to Teddy Roosevelt Island

This bathroom was hard to find! We walked around the whole island and finally found it!


The LONGEST escalator in D.C. at the Rosslyn metro station

Waiting for a metro. I CANT WAIT to drive a car again!

Pentagon Memorial was SO COOL! Very thought out and a great place of remembrance for those who lost their lives on that day. 

Pentagon Memorial + Airforce Memorial

Georgetown Cupcakes was featured on Oprah as her favorite cupcake place. She has a HUGE influence, because there is always a MASSIVE line outside! We went to a better cupcake place: Sprinkles!

Yummy birthday cupcakes!

Eating in a nice courtyard in Georgetown

Walking around Teddy Roosevelt Island. I was LOVING being in nature for the first time in MONTHS!

My salad at Cosi = DISCUSTING! I don't recommend!

This dessert was super tasty though! I'm sure it was healthy....

Here's to 23 years!

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