Monday, May 7, 2012

Pavement Pounding in DC

For the past THREE weeks, I have POUNDED the DC pavement with Carlie, Ashley, Alex, and now my parents. I think I am just about done doing all the tourist stuff in this city. I mean, I looove walking the National Mall...but 7 times is probably enough! Today was FULL of sight seeing! Here's what we did:

Ford's Theatre

National Portrait Gallery

International Spy Museum

National Archives

Dinner at Good Stuff 

Washington Monument

White House

World War II Monument

Vietnam Wall

Lincoln Memorial

I am pretty much EXHAUSTED! Here's some pictures from our busy day:

The theatre box that Lincoln was shot

Inside the theatre

We went across the street into the house Lincoln died the next day

National Portrait Gallery! We only went through the exhibit with the portraits of the presidents, that's about all my attention span could handle in an art museum!





Cath and I were pretty worn out from all the sight seeing, but we prevailed!

International Spy Museum

The back of the Capitol

My cute parents

Story of the day: walking, walking, walking!

My little home for the past 4 months! I'm gonna miss it!

My FAVORITE DC eating: Good Stuff Eatery

Toasted Marshmallow Shake is the best shake in ALL THE LAND

Washington Monument

 White House

WWII Memorial

WWII + Washington Monument

UTAH! I am coming for you!

Vietnam Wall

Lincoln Memorial

Do all these pictures feel like a Deja Vu from all of my previous posts this past month? Mostly cause they are. I am a professional DC tourist now!

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