Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Last Weekend in DC

Well folks, I'm sad to say...I am down to my last moments in Washington D.C.

My parents came to pick me up on Thursday, and we have been going hard ever since! Remember how I have had visitors for the past THREE weekends? I think I can finally say I have seen the sights and I will be good for many many years now! Since they came on Thursday:

We moved me out of my apartment

I gave them a Capitol Tour and showed them around my office

They went to the Library of Congress while I said goodbye to all of my friends at work. I was so sad to say goodbye to all of the great people I worked with out here! I am gonna miss them!

We went to the Pentagon City Mall

My uncle from Philly came into town to visit

We went to Arlington National Cemetery

We saw Iwo Jima monument

We went to the American History Museum

AND...we ate at a million tasty places in D.C. such as: Good Stuff, West Wing, 7th Hill, Memphis BBQ, and Potbellys! I'm so sad to leave all of the good D.C. eating spots!

Here's some pictures:

Taking all FIVE of my bags from my apartment in Arlington to my parents' hotel in downtown D.C. It was quite the adventure!

The duffle on my back was about 35 pounds! It was intense!

Dave sitting in the Senator's chair! 

Taking the parents on my last and final tour of the Capitol! In the Brumidi corridors

Standing in the very center of Washington D.C.

My dad and I in the Capitol Rotunda

The Reagan statue! This one is my favorite because there are pieces of the Berlin wall on the statue!

Tour Guide Kelli

The old Senate

JFK's grave at Arlington Cemetery. It was a HOT DAY to walk up to the JFK memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but VERY COOL!

Uncle Craig, Aunt Brenda, Me, Cath

We got to watch the changing of the guard ceremony. Very cool!

It's been a great weekend so far! Many more places to see before I head back to Utah!

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