Friday, February 3, 2012

Ice Skating!!!

Tonight was SO MUCH FUN!!

It was our good friend Trevor's birthday today, so we let him decide what we did tonight. He wanted to go ice skating right outside of the National Archives, which was AWESOME! It was one of those times in my life that made me feel like I was in a movie!

Thanks Trev, for being born!

ALSO, Shout out to our OTHER friend Trevor who has never skated before and skated like a straight up pro!!!

 My cute cute roommates Lauren and Sadie

The birthday boy/our brother out here: Trevor Long!

There's the view of the Archives, such a great place to ice skate!

Neither of us fell the WHOLE time!!!

These guys seriously are rad!

The whole group! (Hey Jentry, Trevor has the same problem as you)

One month down, I can't believe how fast it has gone!!

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  1. As I was scrolling down this post I thought the exact same thing to myself! And lo and behold it's the next sentence I read. Ha ha Love that. Me and this guy need to be friends, oh wait then we'd have no good pictures