Sunday, February 26, 2012

The First Marathon I Couldn't Finish

Movie marathons are not my thing. 

About a month ago, I made an impulse buy and bought a ticket to watch the 9 nominated movies for "Best Picture" in 24 hours. 

I lasted 3 movies until I decided to give up and go home...and slept through 2 of them. 

I didn't fit into that crowd ONE BIT. It was literally the most mentally exhausting day EVER. I can't sit still that long. Never ever again will I put myself through that. 

Today, I FINALLY started feeling better (I have been sick all week) and decided to go out and enjoy the nice day. We went to the Air and Space museum, and then Johnny Rockets and had a root beer float in honor of my grandpa (he died one year ago today). It was a good day, and I am SOOO glad I am finally feeling better. It was a ROUGH week!

Here's some pics from the Air and Space Museum:

 The front

 Some Cool Space Stuff

Some real space suits

 This was actually on the moon!

Wright Brother's Airplane

Amelia Earheart's plane

Hooray for February almost being OVER!! Goodbye Winter!

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  1. You have the BEST blog Kelli! I love it! I've been a slacker at reading blogs lately, but I'm back now! So don't worry, I took time to get caught up on your life today. I really can't wait to visit you in a few weeks! I miss you tons! Hope you are feeling better. We've been sick too. Two sick kids and one sick mom is not a good combo. Love ya little sis! Thanks for the postcard. Allie LOVED it!! She was so excited to get some mail! XOXO!! Muah!