Friday, February 24, 2012

The Race Line-Up

First off, I must complain. I am siiiiiiiiick. I have been sick for two days now and I am MISERABLE! Not feeling well and being across the country from family is the WORST!! I hate it. Being sick here isn't even the slightest bit of fun. We don't have TV. I don't have any movies. The only internet I have is a WiFi hotspot I get from my phone...which means it's super slow and no videos get played. BOOOO! So basically, I am being big baby today, because I don't feel good!

Okay, so the real reason for the post:

2012 is my year of half marathons. I decided to give the marathon a rest this year and stack my race load with a bunch of halves. They are easier on the body, and I am actually pretty good at pacing myself compared to the full marathon. 

So here's the case you want to run with me, cheer me on, make me a treat the day before, or WHATEVER the case may be. This is the schedule so far:

1.Rock N' Roll D.C. - March 17
2. Utah Valley Half- June 9
3. Hobbler Half- July 7
4. Park City Half- August 18
5. Spanish Fork Half- September 8
6. Halloween Half- October 27

Like I said, feel free to sign up and run with me....or make me a yummy treat for good luck :)

I am still deciding on one in November, so I will keep ya updated!

In other news...I joined Pintrest. I don't really understand it, or know if it's my sort of "thing"...but since I am ill and have nothing else to do, I will give it a chance!

I hope you are having a better day than I am!!

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