Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thanks Abe!!

This year, President's day was the BEST! Being in New York made me appreciate D.C. soooo much more! I love this place! I am so lucky and so grateful to have the opportunity to be out here and interning for the Senator. Yesterday was pretty warm and super relaxing. We got yummy sandwiches at Potbelly's, and then made our way around the Hill. We work near the Library of Congress, gives tours in the Capitol, and right next to the Supreme Court. We loooove walking past them on the way to work and we FINALLY got pictures outside of them! We toured through the Library of Congress, which was SWEET! Then, ventured over to Lincoln Memorial to say thanks for the day off!! Such a great, relaxing day!!

The Capitol- You can't help but feel love for your country around here!

My roommate Ashley and I

Inside the Library of Congress

The big reading room! It was open to the public today, but we missed the cut off time to go in!! Dang!!

The outside of the building is BEAUTIFUL!

The Supreme Court is BY FAR my favorite building here. I think it is SOO COOL!

Lincoln Memorial

I LOVED all of the wreaths for President's Day!

Washington Monument- we thanks him from far away since it is still closed!

Walked past the University on the way home, made sure to thank good ol' George!

In case you were wondering...Yes, I absolutely do love my life out here!

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