Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Lovin

Definitely my best Valentine's Day EVER!! I am legitimately the luckiest girl in all of the world to have a boyfriend as cool as mine is!! We got all dressed up in our fancy grown up clothes and went to a restaurant called Elements, which is like this big fancy YUMMMY place in south Logan.It was delicious!! I also got surprised by some really pretty pink roses that I LOVE and I get so happy every time I look over and see them in my room! I loooove getting flowers!! After dinner, we were both pretty worn out from our busy weekend so we just laid down and watched the first season of Modern Family. We love it! We can't get enough of it!! Soooo it was a very simple, yet PERFECT Valentine's day date with just me and my man!! Here's some pics...

I got flowers!!

I got kissed on the forehead

Acting all fancy at the restaurant

Yay! I love Valentines day!

In our sweet booth

And comin home to watch Modern Family!!

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  1. Sounds like a very nice Valentine's. Glad you are so happy!