Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kids say the darn-est things

So, I always thought it was funny when the young children of my family would say funny/naive things. Well...I have been opened up to a whole new world of entertainment: TEENAGERS. Now THEY are funny! For instance...

A girl that I coach (16 years old) came up to another coach and says, "Coach, what are the symptoms of a broken SCROTUM?"

Flustered, the coach said, "Well...what are your symptoms?"

She then proceeds to point to her STERNUM and says, "This bone really hurts, and I can't lift up my arm"

Yes, she thought that her STERNUM was called a SCROTUM all these years.

I just thought I would share one of the funnier moments I have had working with teenagers. Everyday there is something funny. Like, I really have a hard time being all serious and grown up, because they crack me up BIG TIME!!

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