Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So cold, it took my breath away

Oh my goooosh! It is SO COLD! I literally had to FOCUS on breathing as I walked to school today, because the cold LITERALLY took my breath away!! I also realized it was an AWFUL decision not to wear a beanie just because I didn't like how it looked with my outfit. Lesson learned. I will NEVER EVER not wear a beanie and sacrifice my face, head, and ears AGAIN, just because I don't like the way it looks. When it's cold, it is not the time to be worrying about fashion!! is pretty good, just busy! Basketball is almost coming to an end...3 more weeks. We are still undefeated in region and have 4 more games before state. State is lookin pretty good for us! I am way excited! School is kickin my butt, as I try to just stay afloat! I love it and hate it all at once. Buuut, I really can't complain! I am finally getting my energy back and feeling good...the voice is still a little bit shaky though! Last weekend, I met up with my mom in Salt Lake and we got a girls weekend in a hotel! Sooo fun! We went shopping, out to eat, and to a movie! I absolutely LOVED spending that alone time with my mom, it was JUST what I needed to beat the winter blues! I got back to Logan feeling MUUUCH better about life! Anyways, don't wanna get too chatty, but life is good and I am sooo lucky to have all that I have right now! Really, I am sooo sooo blessed! I just got back from the Aggie basketball game, it was so rad as always! Aggie basketball is one of my very FAVORITE things about Utah State! We were on ESPN, so it was quite the crowd! Here are some pics...

The whole crowd wore blue gloves, so it sounded pretty cool when everyone clapped

We are really good at taking pictures huh??

Yes, I like him a lot a lot

This is how we look when we cry, very attractive I know

I think Tyler's fish face is the best thing that ever happened to me

So that's about it! Life is good! Can't wait for the weekend to come!!

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  1. The Crying pictured was the face when we just found out ABE LINCOLN just got assassinated!