Monday, February 21, 2011

Here we go....

Well folks...the time has come.

I have talked about going to the state tourney for quite some time. Well...this is the week. This is the week that hopefully all my hard work and time will be worth it. I would say that we have a pretty good chance of making quite a run through the tournament. Will we win it? I am very hopeful. Today, I have thought a lot about 5 years ago when I played and we lost in the final game. I REAAAALLLLLYYY don't want to feel those feelings that I felt in the locker room after that game. I feel like there have been soooo many times in my life where I have "come so close", yet I have never felt the feeling of winning a championship. I want to feel that feeling this week!

The weirdest part is the fact that if we make it to the championship, we will most likely be playing Mountain View for the title. I never in a million years thought I could ever root against my bruins!! But, my high school days have passed and my heart has moved on! The head coach and I both played for Mountain View also. How ironic is that?? Two MV alma mater could very possibly coach against MV for the state title. Never saw that one comin!

So here we go...time to make a run at state! Go Mustangs!

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