Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Am 25

Alright, here's 25 things about me now that I am 25: 

1. Occupation: Mortgage Loan Officer at RANLife Home Loans

2. Favorite Food: Almost all kinds of fruit

3. Favorite Hobby: Running of course

4. Favorite Drink: Dirty Diet Coke

5. Favorite Weekend Activity: Sleep and Snowboarding/Trail Running depending on the season. 

6. Favorite Song: The Great Escape by Pink

7. Favorite Clothing Store: The Loft

8. Favorite Grocery Store: Whole Foods

9. Favorite TV Show: Revenge and Scandal

10. Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Watches, Running Shoes, and Hoodies

11. Favorite Running Shoe: Brooks PureFlow

12. Favorite Candy: White Chocolate Reeses

13. Life Goal: Become an Addiction Counselor

14. Goal for the Year: Go through the Temple

15. Favorite Color: Pink

16. Favorite Vacation: Washington DC

17. Favorite Outfit: Running shorts, hoodie, hat, moccasins, and black socks

18. Favorite Run: Park City Trails

19. Favorite Person: My nieces and nephew

20. Favorite Part of the last year: Coining out ceremony at Turning Point

21. Everyday MUST HAVE: Caffeine

22. Biggest Pet Peeve: Slow people- cars, walking, reading, talking, etc

23. One thing I would change about myself: Being tired all the time

24. Looking Most Forward To: Finishing my book and being sober for one year

25. Random Fact: I refuse to wear white socks

Wow! That was harder than I thought it would be!! My birthday was amazing this year. Compared to last year where I was completely checked out and took 20 pills a day and knee deep in drama, I actually will remember this birthday! It was super low key, which was really nice. After work, my parents came up and took me shopping for gifts and to dinner. I got a new pair of running shoes, flip flops, clothes, and a new watch!

Thanks to my Aunt Sue's Loft Gift Card on my 100th day sober, I was able to get this beauty!

Loft + Nordstrom + Shoes = Happy Girl!

Thanks for all of the Birthday wishes! I have the greatest support ARMY! Love you all! Here's to a MUUUUCH safer and happier year ahead!

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