Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trail Runnin

Can we just talk about how stoked I am that I got cleared to run during the fall, so that I get to run on all of the pretty trails in the SLC county canyons? 

This week marked 8 years since my brother-in-law Byron died. All I wanted to do was go for a trail run for the anniversary and just reflect on all of the great memories I have of him. It was perfect. 

I am running Las Vegas Ragnar in a couple of weeks, wish me luck. 

I got my second epidural injection in my neck this week. Please bless it works. 

Can we also just take a minute and be excited about how close my house is to being done?

Before my heater got fixed, I would go on my balcony to warm up. I didn't mind one bit. 

It's so weird seeing my parents couches in my house. I can't get enough of them. Comfiest couches ever. 

Clean floors = happy Kelli

Home Sweet Home

And...a million pictures of my awesome trail runs lately. 

PS- I'm pretty stoked about the upcoming snow season. I decided not to be as big of a workaholic this winter and get a snowbird pass!

Running two miles up a ski slope = painful

Eight years closer to heaven. Pretty rad. 

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