Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life in the Sexy Lane

First of all, thank you all for the texts, emails, phone calls, comments, etc. I appreciate the love and support more than you will ever know. 

Now onto the positive, happy moments of my life lately according to my iphone...

The majority of the painting is done, all thanks to this little helper who now wants to paint every time she comes over. 

I love love looooove the new floors 

Cordially invited to attend a singles ward. Utah never ceases to amaze me. 

I took the day off to get some stuff done on my house, and this little helper was by my side all day helping out!

Car all packed up ready to move for the last time for a really long time. Yesssss. 


 Before and After of the Master Bedroom

I had to teach a homeownership workshop up at USU. This drive in the fall is AMAZING. 

New homeowner = becoming a home maker? You wouldn't believe how many family members were shocked I actually made a craft. Okay, Rylie did most of it. 

The meltdown this kid had the day I moved out was seriously a heart breaker. 

Life of a bachelorette. PS- Whole Foods is going to turn me broke.

 Before and After of my Family Room

See all of these files? They are now all closed out and off of my desk. Hallelujah. 

Buying the "finishing touches" is waaaaay more fun than all of the nitty gritty work of remodeling. 

Buying a house at the same time my parents are getting rid of all of their furniture is pure brilliance. 

Sometimes I actually get ready for work. SOMETIMES- key word. 

Date Night! You can imagine my proud response when she asked if she could take her soccer ball along. 

Take a kid to the pet store- they are entertained for at least an hour.

We went to look at kitchen tables and lamps. We walked away with a candy dispenser. She is the worst shopping consultant ever!

I'm gonna be really sad when she grows out of this stage. It's my favorite. 

Key to success with my boss- ALWAYS stock the candy drawer. This saved me from a major stress meltdown today.

I was driving home after work and drove past Mt. Olympus trail. I decided to get out and run it. ALWAYS keep a spare pair of running shoes and shorts in your car. It was sooooo pretty. 

One more day down = success. 

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