Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gettin Closer

My house is finally starting to look more like a house! Side note- before you move into a house in October, you should probably check to see if the furnace is working! I have been FREEZING in here the past couple of weeks. HOPEFULLY I won't be in the middle of some work crisis and be able to slip away from work to let the guy in to fix it tomorrow. 

Here's some pictures of the current progress: 

A toe was sacrificed in order to get this sucker from my room at my parents to my room here. I am so glad I don't have a husband, because I have filled the entire dresser and my closet with my stuff. I would have no room for a husband...unless he wore the same thing every day!

My parents gave me their couches. They look great!

I FINALLY got a bedspread. The 50 degrees inside my house DURING THE DAY was the motivation for this. 

Cute little wall decoration 

Love my little Target rug. 

And Target coat hanger

I hung these all by myself. Thank you iphone Level app. 

Finally looking like a house again after 6 weeks of hard work!

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