Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello 24

So tomorrow I turn 24, which is totally freaking me out. I am no longer in my "early 20's", but making the transition into my "mid 20's". Yikes!! I feel like it's just going to be all down hill from here! I am already seeing the effects. For instance, this past week, I haven't been sore like my muscles are tired sore, but my joints and knees and ankles are sore. I'm so scared to grow up. It hit me after my run this morning when I whipped out the foam roller, electric stem, heat, and essential oils that I am losing my youth! Granted,  my youth did allow me to finish a half marathon in 2 hours flat without training...but still!!

Here's to one more year under my belt!

PS- I got myself a bday present from ProCompression and got these compression socks. There are so many awesome running benefits to running with compression socks. I rarely race without compression socks, because they keep the blood flow running in your calves so you don't cramp. If you go to their site an enter the promo code SHOES, you will get 40% off and free shipping! It's totally worth it if you're training for a half or full and always cramp up on your long runs!!

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