Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hurry Up Summer!

I am soooo ready for perma-summer weather. Even if it does mean that I can't wear hoodies and moccasins for a few months. It also means I can longboard, go boating, hike, road bike, and run!! I hurt my knee, so I haven't been running much lately and probably will have to sit out on the UV Marathon June 8th, but it's not worth getting injured even more. Here's some pics from lately:

I got the LOA of the Month award for the 2nd time in the past few months. Biggest perk is getting a parking spot! I actually go to lunch now, because I have a guaranteed parking spot when I get back! It's the BEST! Another cool work-related thing that happened was that Goldman Sachs contacted me and wanted to meet with me about being a financial analyst. Within two minutes of being there, I realized I would never want to work there. It kinda blew my mind actually. I always thought I would want to work there if I had the chance, but it just didn't feel like the right fit for me at all. I love my job at IFreedom WAAAAY too much. I start training in my new position this week!

I don't know whether I should be proud or scared that this kid is my little mini me. Hopefully she is smarter than me at least!

Meet my newest toy! I have been kinda bummed that I can't run because of my knee and I have been working so much lately. I decided it was time to get a new toy I can ride while my knee is taking a little break! I LOVE it!

I got ANOTHER sinus infection. That's two in the past two months. I officially hate my sinuses. Or....I should probably slow down and quit being such a workaholic. Time to stick to a new life motto: Work Hard, Play Even Harder. 

Summer Come Play With Me!!!!

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