Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Don't Fit Anymore

I keep asking myself where I fit.

I'm no longer the crazy, fun, spunky girl I once was. 

I'm not longer the perfect child I pretended to be. 

I walked into church for 5 minutes and immediately felt like I didn't belong. 

I am the youngest at work by like 10 years. 

I live in a house full of girls with boyfriends. 

I'm not smart enough. 

I'm not funny enough. 

I'm not outgoing enough. 

Anyone who actually really knows me, seems to learn how imperfect I really am and doesn't stick around anymore to love the imperfect Kelli. 

Simply put: I have no idea where I am supposed to fit in. 

1 comment:

  1. I feel pretty much in a similar boat. I won't pretend to be something to make other people happy and when it comes to dating, after a couple dates with someone I actually care to get to know, they dip. after a couple dates with a creep I wish I didn't know, they try to stay. I work and work, I'm in school, I don't really know where I am supposed to be or what I should be doing right now. simply put, I can relate to this post. aaaamen cousin.