Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Remember when I was such a faithful blogger and would post three random tangents EVERY Tuesday? Those were the days. Here's some random tangents floating around in my head: 

1. LAKE POWELL TOMORROW!! I will be ditching the "Adult Life" for a week and living it up in Powell. I am REALLY going to miss waking up at 6:00 in the morning and dealing with rush hour twice a day. I just don't know what I am going to do when I have my sanity again!

2. Speaking of getting things back...I will also get my super super cute boyfriend back! I have been such a selfless girlfriend and let him cheat on me with BYU Spring Semester Finals. I seriously don't know how I made it in DC, these last few days have been KILLER!

3. I am forever converted to putting Shellac on my nails over regular polish. I am suuuuch a freakin perfectionist that I HATE having any chips in my nail polish. This Shellac stuff is supposed to stay on for a few weeks. I have only had it on for a day, but I looooove it!

4. I have a really really hard time sitting through movies and I NEVER go to midnight showings of movies, but I decided to surprise Alex and get midnight tickets to the new Batman coming out in July. He has seriously been anticipating this release since the last Batman came out. He looooves it! I am really really excited, mostly cause I know how excited he is!

5. I have had two good runs so far this week and I am waaaay hopped up on endorphins. I really don't know how non-runners live. If I don't get my daily dose of endorphins, I am one scary scary creature!!

One day folks, ONE DAY!!

Also, check out these girls! Only 8 and 12 years old!!

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