Thursday, June 21, 2012


I made it back to the real world. Eight days in Powell is faaaaar too short. I could've stayed there all summer long!! Real life isn't all it's hyped up to be. Here are some pictures from our awesome trip!!

Kali and her new pals. These girls were so cute!

Girl Talk + Diet Coke + Floating = Happy Kel

Face Masks on the last night is a long standing tradish!

The whole crew!

This big girl turned THIRTY! 

Kal and Dev

Kal and Grandma

My two favorites!

Alex proved he was a big boy by tubing!

Not sick of this face at all

Amazing scenery!


What a good looking couple we are

My most favorite thing EVER

Painting the boy's toes is another tradition

Cute toes Dave

I got to share a bed with this kid all week and I must say, it felt SO good to have my queen bed all to myself at home!

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