Friday, June 29, 2012

Not Going Anywhere

Okay Elizabeth, you win. I would MUCH rather keep the blog going than be stuck doing all of the scanning and filing at Paragon!

But seriously guys, I apologize. This week has absolutely SUCKED. I really don't know the last time I had a worse week. Few reasons this week has sucked:

1. My boss is related to the little girl in West Jordan who got kidnapped and murdered. It has made me sick all week watching her mourn and talking with her. I was really really affected by that this week. It still really hurts my heart to think about all of the evil in this world. 

2. I have had a CRAPPY headache all week including throwing up which would put anyone in a bad mood. 

3. With the air quality being so crappy, I have ran in DAYS. 

4. I have been dealing with a few family and personal dramas that have been really tough to deal with. 

5. Ever since moving back from D.C. I just haven't had the motivation to blog. I feel like my life is so boring now and everyone is bored of my blog posts compared to my magical life in D.C.

Basically, I have just felt super super bummed out this week and wanted to disappear. That is TOTALLY not who I am. I am someone who goes through challenges, and learns and grows from them. I am someone who is strong and happy, not sad. So...the blog isn't going anywhere. I am sorry for being all sad and dramatic, onward and upward!

In spite of everything, I have SOO much to be grateful for: 

1. The Gospel
2. My family, including my incredible guardian angels watching me from heaven. 
3. My AMAZING friends
4. A healthy body (that will hopefully be running in next weekend's half marathon)
5. Two jobs that I love
6. A free country that allows me to have more freedoms than the majority of the world. 
7. The cutest nieces and nephew in all the land. 
8. Diet Coke and chocolate of course!
9. So many talents and abilities
10. I am surrounded by love and support that I often take for granted

So, Life in the Sexy Lane will remain. While it may not be as exciting as seeing the Washington Monument and the weekend trips to other magical cities.... this is my life now, and I truly do LOVE my life!


  1. YAY!!! Wahoo!!! So happy it will be continuing!! Yay! That's like finding out your favorite show isn't going away after all! Sweet!

    Sorry you had a bad week! :(

  2. You. Are. Wonderful. Keep blowing our minds. Please.