Sunday, March 11, 2012

West Virginia

West Virginia is quite the place! We drove a gorgeous 1.5 hours to West Virginia yesterday to the horse races. It was so fun! While I didn't gamble, it was still fun to watch everyone else! I have been wanting to go to the races forever, and we finally had good enough weather to go! We got all dressed up in our best race attire, and made a whole day out of it!

First stop: Harper's Perry. A historical little town where you can walk to Jefferson Rock, and see where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet. That's also the point where Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia all meet. 

Get it? Fancy goods?! Yeah, I think I'm pretty funny sometimes. 

Trevor and I outside the church. 

My two brothers!! These guys are the best!

Next Stop: The casino and buffet. So yummy, except I have no control over myself when I can eat as many desserts as I want. I think I still have a food baby!

Landon, Spencer, and I 

Trevor was OBSESSED with the chocolate fondue. He was also still happy because he was a big winner at Roulette!

Next up: The races!!!

Such a classic picture of these two. Trevor was the gambler and Landon was his "advisor"

About half of the group waiting for a race to start

In front of the race track

After a long day, we all headed home. This was the point where everyone who bet was feeling pretty poor. Number one lesson: The house ALWAYS wins!

I don't know how it always happens, but I am always with all the boys!

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