Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rock N' Roll USA

This weekend my sister Shannon (kudos for being the first family member to see me since I left in January) flew out to visit and run the Rock N' Roll USA Half. It was an awesome race! The Rock N' Roll series knows how to do races! Every runner needs to do at least one. Shannon had a goal to run the half six months after she had her baby, but then she hurt her back a few weeks before. We weren't quite sure how she would hold up, but she ran the whole way! I stuck with her, and we went really slow but it was a great accomplishment for her! It was kind of nice to take the stress out of a race and run just for fun. I also became a pro at running and taking pictures. I am such a dedicated blogger huh? It was a great race and a great weekend with my sis!

The race expo was really cool! Oh, by the way I changed my hair color. I got the ombre hair coloring, or color "melting" and LOVE IT!

The race was HUGE. There was 30,000 runners. By far the biggest race I have ever ran and it was organized SO WELL!

Beginning of the race, feeling pumped up by the awesome atmosphere!

Running past the Capitol

Running past the Washington Monument

I totally rocked the fanny pack the whole race! We were nervous about losing our stuff at the gear check, so since we were running slow, I just put everything in a very handy fanny pack!

It was such a warm day, I had to ditch the long sleeves!

The End: Shannon was dead!

The medals were super cool looking!

Such a great weekend!! I'm so glad Shannon came and we got to play in the city together! (Oh, and I totally rocked the green shorts for St. Patty's day...luckily I somehow have 3 pairs of green running shorts. It must be my favorite color or something...)

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