Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picnic Club!!

This spring, it has been SO WARM in D.C. The cherry blossoms showed up almost 2 weeks early this year, and we have had weather in the 80's for days in a row. I am SO GLAD I am not back in Logan this spring. I actually forgot spring existed, since there isn't an actual spring season in Logan. 

We have taken EVERY opportunity to soak up the sun. A few of us at work started a "picnic club" where we eat on a blanket in the park near the Senate Reflecting Pools outside the Capitol. It's so pleasant, beautiful, and warm. It makes me wish lunch lasted 6 hours instead of 1! 

Here's some "lunch club" pictures my good friend Trevor Hoyt gave me: 

Sometimes Trevor decides to nap in strange positions....

Lauren, Nick, Trevor, and I

Cherry Blossoms!! I have taken so many good blossom pictures this past week. More to come in a future blog post!

Trevor Long is the ULTIMATE picture ruiner!

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