Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Sundays

I absolutely LOVE Sundays in the summer time. There is just a peacefulness about them. You can enjoy time with friends and family in the outdoors and take a break from life for a day. Today was EXACTLY like that. After church, my friend Luke came down and picked me up on his bike. We rode the Alpine Loop. It was sooo gorgeous! I love it! When we got back, my nieces were all at my house and I was so excited to see them! Tonight, a bunch of my old neighborhood friends got together and played night games and then chatted about old memories growing up together. It was an absolute PERFECT day! I haven't even looked at any of my homework this weekend, I've been too busy enjoying my summer with the people that matter the most!

Here's some pictures from our ride...

Great View

Luke taught me how to do "the wave" to other motorcycles

Yeah, I can totally ride this heavy of a bike...just call me tough guy!

Before our trip

Don't worry, I wore a helmet the entire ride EXCEPT for pictures!

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