Saturday, June 4, 2011

S'more Lovin'

You know those times in life where you feel so incredibly present? Like you just feel very "in the moment" and everything feels like it will be ok? That was my night tonight. Tonight was PERFECT. I can't remember the last time I have felt so much like myself and so glad to be who I am. I will explain by pictures...

The boxes are FINALLY gone! I moved into my room...just 28 days after I moved home!! It feels soooo good to not be living amongst boxes!!

Organization is a GREAT stress reliever.

Guess who came into town? Tyler!

He passed the "man test" by taking on the grill and makin us some hot dogs!

We then proceeded to play a friendly/competitive game of regulation croquet. I lost :(

And broke my stick by throwing it across the lawn Happy Gilmore style

THEN, we made some s'mores in my handy-dandy s'more maker!! I was soooo stoked on this!! It's so great!

Enjoying the nice summer evening in the backyard=LOVE

Dave won the "best of state" award tonight. Here he is all dressed up with his cool medal.

So there ya go. It was nothing but a nice enjoyable summer evening with a great friend. It was EXACTLY what I needed!

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