Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not A Day Goes By

Wowzers. What a tough week. I honestly don't remember the last time I had an entire week this hard. I mean, I have had bad days, but I haven't had such a tough week in a LOOONG time. I am taking 15 online credits right now, which all decided to have pretty tough midterms all on Thursday and Friday that I have been intensely studying for, I have been stressing over this marathon maddness and not feeling my best, I have started taking on different responsibilities at work that are all new and can be somewhat overwhelming. On top of all that, I have absolutely NO social life, because I am so busy that I honestly don't have time for friends, which is pretty sad when you're 22 and wanna have a fun summer! Every night this week, I have woke up in INTENSE stomach pain (ulcers) and having MAJOR panic attacks with my heart just pounding out of my chest, due to all of the stress. I have just been totally rocked by stress.

But then I could always be worse.

These little stresses are really nothing, compared to the big picture. The main thing that I learned when Byron died, is that it is very hard to see what is not directly in front of you. It is hard to view these trials that seem very hard right now as anything but small. It is hard to really see past this week and realize that things will be okay again. The trick be able to take a step back and remember the big picture!!

I heard the song "Not a Day Goes By" by Lonestar and my mind immediately went to Byron. I really miss him so much and think of him everyday. I wish he was around on weeks like these, because I know he would be the first to reassure me that I need to look at the big picture and everything will be okay. He would be the first to go out and get my favorite treat to let me know that he cares and he wants to see me smile. I know that the life I am living right now would make Byron very proud, and that makes it all worth it. I am so lucky that I had an example like him in my life to teach me how to work hard for the things that I want.

So after the next two days...2 more tests and 1 marathon...I will be hittin the road to Lake Powell, I am sure Byron will be down there with us too! He wouldn't miss a family trip to Lake Powell!

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