Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing House

Date nights are just so much fun. I just can't get enough of them! So this past weekend my great friend Greg came up from Grand Junction, Colorado to chill with me for the night. We had a waaay chill night that was waaay cooler than any Strawberry Days Rodeo. We tried to go to the Rodeo, only to be denied. SO we decided to make our own fun! We got out the trusty sidewalk chalk and began to create a blueprint of our dream house. It was super rad with an awesome garage full of sweet cars and a backyard that had a boating lake and dirt track to ride dirt bikes, etc. Here are some pictures of the night...

Sitting in our living room together

Purple Turtle

Part of our house: Lazer tag, pool, tennis

Arcade room and theater

The candy room and gun museum

Pondering how we are going to actually achieve this goal of having this sweet house someday...

Dinner at Cafe Paesan YUMMY!

It was such a great night and I am so glad that I got to see Greg when he came up!

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