Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine Party

Recently, I have decided to take a little break from one of my evening responsibilities to get myself back on track. I was so busy, I began losing myself and losing my peace, serenity, and happiness. I never like to let go of any of my responsibilities and I am addicted to being busy, but after a lot of thought and a lot of pushing by my therapy team I decided it was best. 

My first free night, my mom had a Valentine Day Family Night with my sister's kids. It was so much fun to spend the night with them, play, dance, decorate cards, and make cookies. I miss these kids so much when I go even a few days without seeing them. They allow me to be completely myself and make me feel special. 

Here's some pics from that night:

My very favorite Valentine card I have ever received from Rylie

Rylie has some mad cookie making skills. Guarantees a sugar coma for at least one week. 

She refused to show her entire face, so this was the best I could do!

And in other news...

I survived my first round of tests for this semester!

I am finally finding my footing with my job at Chase. In the last month, I have ramped up a great pipeline that I am very excited about! I got transferred from one of the branches that I was really struggling at, and I am really excited to be at the 3 branches I am now covering!

I am soooo excited I now have a job that allows me to shop at Whole Foods again! Also, we got a new Trader Joes by my house! I love living in Sandy!

I am loving this weather lately! I couldn't ask for a better Utah winter!!

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