Saturday, February 7, 2015


It's been months since I last posted on here and so much has gone on. I've been crazy busy building my mortgage business at Chase, celebrated the holidays, got a 4.0 last semester, started working at Turning Point Centers for my internship, spent time with family, spent time hiking and snowboarding, and started tapering off of Subutex by working closely with an outpatient Subutex clinic. There have been high highs and very low lows, but overall...I am living day by day to build the life that I have always dreamt of. Here's what my life has been according to my iphone...

Thanksgiving happened...

Cute Rylie refuses to wear dresses...but she's completely okay wearing "long shirts"

Baby girl loves matching me wearing "Elsa shirts"

Working all day every day to build my Chase mortgage business. I now work at Fashion Place, Fort Union, and Cottonwood Heights. I just got back from a Denver Sales Conference and I am so motivated to make 2015 my highest income year yet. My last paycheck was the biggest paycheck of my career so far!

Christmas happened...the little girls helped me decorate my townhouse for Christmas.

Baby girl hacked my phone...future blackmail pictures...

Gotta love Christmas parties with some of my favorite sober  friends up here.

Snowboarding with my brother and sister on Christmas Eve

Spent time with my nieces from Arizona

LOVE my new goggles

I might have had a slight addiction to snowboarding coats this year.

This kid...

Hiking beautiful Bells Canyon is this amazing winter weather

Yet another coat...

I celebrated One Year of sobriety

Snowboarding with one of my favorite people. I rely on Erica to entertain me on the weekends. She does a really good job!

Running in this beautiful spring winter weather

More phone hacks

The world's cutest baby

This picture sums up my aunt life. Playing "Go Fish" and getting my hair done at the same time!

My new favorite trick!

That about sums up my winter adventures these past few months! I can't wait to see what else is in store for 2015. My only resolution is to stay sober. So far, so good!

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