Saturday, April 12, 2014


I am in such a good place right now. 

I am enjoying my new house and have some awesome new roommates.

It's finally warm outside and it makes me SO happy!

I love my job at RANLife. It's probably my favorite work environment ever and I love being a loan officer and working with new people every day!

I am just loving being able to focus on myself and take care of myelf. I love having alone time and really focusing on positive things. It's amazing how free I feel now that I have faced all of my fears and demons and survived. It was SO hard but incredibly worth it! I'm just focused on myself, my job, and my body (exercise, healthy food, good sleep, taking time to focus on my mental health, etc). Love it. 

Here's some pics of my recent pictures. My nieces are out of town for Spring Break so this is one of my first posts without them. So weird!

The Loft just got my absolute most favorite pants for work EVER! I go to the Loft during lunch hour on Tuesdays now, because Tuesdays are my hardest work days. Shopping Addict? Most likely. :-)

Ten dollar watch? SURE!

Picnic lunch at Liberty Park was AMAZING. So gorgeous and totally worth the allergy sniffles!

Sugarhouse Park evening run after work. Love love love!

There was enough light after work for a 5 mile run in a tank top! This weather is amazing!

Snowboarding on April 12? Check! It was so warm!

The top!

I didn't know that there was a tunnel that took us from the front of the mountain to the back of the mountain. It was so rad!

Good times. Happy Times. 87 days sober kids!

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