Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Working, Training, Buying

I find it kind of scary that I feel like my life is getting boring. 

I mean, I just commute 2 hours a full time...train for a marathon...and buy a house. Sounds like my life needs more excitement right?

Oh, and I have this awesome nerve problem in my neck and back, so I haven't been able to feel my right arm for about a month, so I've been getting that worked on 2 nights a week.

I'm just so boring! Seriously, if I don't have every minute of every day planned, I get bored with my life. I've got issues. 

Lately, I have been running at ski resorts up the trails to the lifts. Talk about killer leg work outs!

I've had the stomach flu the past few days, so my I haven't been very "formal" at work...but that's never been my thing!

Even with the stomach flu, I still managed to get a few night runs in!! 

Running really just makes me so happy, and I'm so glad it has become a priority every day for me again! My shoes and I have a lot to catch up on!

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