Sunday, August 18, 2013


I am so grateful for my little sidekicks I get to see almost every single day. 

I am grateful for my job and how much confidence it gives me. 

I am grateful for all of the talents I have been given that lead me to so many opportunities that I am so lucky to have. 

I am also very grateful for a healthy body and my ability to utilize my endurance and strength to train for a marathon. 

I'm a pretty lucky kid.

The sunsets on my runs have been AMAZING lately!

She didn't want to come in for dinner because she was too busy....

There really is nothing better than a longer Friday evening run after an insane work week. I love my job, but the only way to stay sane is by downloading new music and going on some looooong runs! 

These are by far my most favorite I have ever had!

Rewards for good behavior in this house typically involves getting to have slumber parties with Kelli. 

These kids think I'm the best cook, because of my S'more making skills! It took Rylie an entire hour to finally finish hers, because she didn't know how to eat it and hold it without gettin messy!

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