Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm in Mexico!

Hello no-makeup beach look!

Hey Folks, 

I am in Cancun this week with the fam! As you can tell, I suck at blogging lately and it doesn't change just because I am on a trip! I haven't taken any pics yet, but I will try to sneak in a few! The only reason I am not laying out right now, is because it's rainy today. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to make a sweet playlist that I will be kind enough to share with you: 

1. On Top of the World- Imagine Dragons
2. Shake It Out- Florence & The Machine
3. Feel this Moment- Christina Aguilara
4. Scream & Shout- Will I am
5. Suit & Tie- Justin Timberlake
6. Thrift Shop- Ryan Lewis
7. Stay- Rihanna
8. Sunshine- Matisyahu
9. Summer Paradise- Simple Plan
10. To the World- Kanye West
11. Cosmic Love- Florence & the Machine
12. High Road- Fort Minor
13. Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris
14. Skinny Love- Bon Iver
15. Rest of my Life- Ludacris
16. Just Give Me a Reason- Pink
17. Daylight- Maroon 5
18. Knock Knock- Mac Miller
19. Can't Hold Us- Ryan Lewis
20. Heart Attack- Demi Lovato

This is about half of the mix I made. Pretty solid to chill or workout to. The chips and guacomole are rad. Pina Coladas are a MUST. I have gotten 2 massages so far, and can ALMOST turn my head again (work stress made it so I couldn't turn my head all the way...you can imagine the annoying headaches I got). Anyways, I will try to be better at updating about the trip. It's been pretty chill so far!

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