Sunday, March 24, 2013

Goofy Kell

I know I haven't written on here much, but I am reaaaaallly hoping to change that, since this blog is my baby! Now that I'm not commuting, I have 2 hours more a day. THAT'S HUGE! So since I haven't written on here much, I decided it was time to talk about some suuuuuuper random, goofy things about me. 

Warning: if you are a Mormon with no sense of humor, stop reading right now! It's not an anti post- just a little outside of your comfort box- and that's totally cool, but I'm not that way, so I'm not going to pretend to be to make others comfortable and compromise the "real Kell". Yeah, I definitely don't live in Utah County anymore!!

1. Dream Job- Become a crossing guard and ski patrol when I retire. 

2. Biggest Fear- Walking to my treadmill at the gym and someone falls off their treadmill RIGHT when I am walking behind it and I get wedged between the person and the elliptical right behind me! OR, walking past a treadmill right after they fart and I walk into a wall of DOOM. Nothing un-motivates me to run more than smelling internal gas that people have no control of the release whilst on the treadmill. 

3. Something I hate- POTLUCKS. They are my worst nightmare. ALSO, the "Post Date Text". Nothing annoys me more than texting RIGHT after I spent 4+ hours with someone about how much I enjoyed the past 4+ hours. I refuse. 

4. Something I LOVE- Doing math problems and listening to classical music for hours. This is also called a "mathgasm". BEST.THING.EVER.

5. Best part about growing up- Eating Cabury Mini Eggs and Diet Coke for breakfast. 

6. Worst Part- Doing taxes. UGGGGGGGH. 

7. My version of Hell on Earth- The Apple Store. I HAVE to go buy a reward for spending time in there after I escape that place EVERY TIME. 

8. Funny High School Memory- Streaking around the top of the Bruin Bowl and then urinating on the goal posts afterward. I only share this because I was a minor and know it won't go on my record. 

9. Foods from college I will NEVER eat again- Poptarts, Eggos, Nature's Valley peanut butter bars, Cup of Noodles, and Little Caesars. 

10. Things I am SUPER OCD about- washing/vacuuming my car. Oral Hygiene- I can't sleep if I don't floss at night. ALSO, I have broken up with guys, because they had bad breathe. 

11. Dirty Little Secret- I LOOOOOVE the TV show scandal. 

12. Weird Kelli Fact- I have to listen to crazy fast dubstep/techno in order to focus at work and get things done quicker and kick work in the butt every single day. 

13.  I pledge to never- Have 500 cliche mormon pictures and quotes from Pinterest all over my house. One suuuuper legit picture of Christ and that's it!

14. Favorite Reading Material- Books that were assigned reading in grades 4-6. For example: The Giver, Number the Stars, Holes, Crash, and Maniac McGee. 

15. I really, truly don't believe that I am going to hell if I wear a skirt that goes above my knees when I sit down, I swear, I skip church when I wanna be lazy, and I read scriptures for 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes. 

16. At work, I "wikipedia" at least three words that my coworkers say and assume I know every single day!

Here's a few more goofy pics: 

I hope you have a super rad Sunday. Try something new. Challenge yourself to make a small change that you have been meaning to make today. Kill someone with kindness. 


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