Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Life Worth Living

So, exactly 2 months ago, I had what I refer to as my "mental health car crash". I am not going to go into further detail, but I will say this. The pressure of being perfect that I placed upon myself made me crash HARD. It has been a hard journey since then trying to establish my purpose and what I want out of life. Writing on here, for whatever reason, is liberating. It's liberating to show my imperfections and think MAYBE just MAYBE a fellow perfectionist will be relieved to know that someone else struggles with it as well. It's been a tough road, but I really believe that it will be worth it. The thought that I don't have to be perfect and I can be whoever I want to be, even if it's messy sometimes, makes me SO excited!

So, the other day, I was given the assignment to create a map of my idea of "A Life Worth Living". Keep in mind, this isn't a bucket list, rather a map of the journey I want to take my life on. I wrote pages and pages, but I will just share a few of what my "Life Worth Living" map looks like: 

  • Become comfortable being imperfect. 
  • Love myself and others unconditionally.
  • Take a non judgmental stance on myself and others. 
  • Go on adventures: 
    • Thailand
    • Brazil
    • Hike Kili
    • Hike McKinley
    • Backpack Europe
    • India
  • Live in another country.
  • Qualify for Boston.
  • Have a solid relationship with God, regardless of religious structure. 
  • Learn how to meditate effectively to manage stress and sleep. 
  • Do a triathlon. 
  • Have a family. 
  • Don't fake who I am to make others comfortable, be authentic regardless of other's beliefs. 
  • Write a book. 
  • Engage in public speaking. 
  • Learn to surf. 
  • Make others laugh and feel happy. 
  • Ask for help. 
  • Feel deserving. 
  • Get a PHD
  • Be a leader/teacher/coach. 
  • Take risks based on faith, rather than fear. 
  • Believe in myself.
So there's a glimpse of my outline. It's something that will help me base my decisions on moving forward. When faced with a decision, I can go back to this outline and decide if it will help or hurt my Life Worth Living journey. I'm so excited to move forward and feel a purpose and feel completely whole, even if I'm not perfect. 

"We cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love."

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